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Welcome! This blog aims to inspire, educate and get real about life as an entrepreneur. I'm on my 3rd venture and although I have an MBA and trained on software development,  most of my learning came from in-the-trenches doing. Funny how much of my business coaching is echoed in my mama-talk: it's about grit, focus, vision and relationships are everything.   

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Hi, I'm maryliz

I often think about what our world would be like if we all saw other humans through the eyes of a 4 year old. A four year old sees humans just as they are, without any preconceived judgment of who they are. And then, today, artist @kingrello made me think, what if we still saw through our own eyes, but what we saw, looked “different”?

What would we see then?

@kingrello art install @sohohouse

Please Interpret as Black: P.I.A.B. is really a series of questions disguised as a statement. If a world famous and iconic cartoon character was presented as black, would you love black people more? Would you protect us? Would you uplift us? Would you finally listen to us? When will the world love black people as much as they love black culture?

@kingrello, https://mylostparadise.com/pages/universe

What powerful questions. We don’t even realize how what we see, influences who we are.

You can learn a lot about what’s wrong with a society when you hear the questions of kids.

My kids: “Who decided that someone with brown or black skin was ‘less than’ someone with white skin?”

Me: Exactly, who?

My kids: “Who decided that men, not women, should be in power to vote, make laws, work and have money?”

Me: Yeah, who?

I don’t have any good answers, just questions and a theory.

How did some humans develop such hate and disrespect for another set of humans based on their skin color, gender, race, sexual orientation or religion?

I have a theory about life and I wonder how it applies here — All bad behavior stems from insecurity.

The question of our time is how we can change the world so that when we look at others, we feel love and gratitude for the unique gift that they are to our collective world. We see their potential and recognize that when they get to be the best version of themselves, that everyone benefits.

When extraordinary people like Rello create art to stop us in our tracks, we are part of the movement toward true freedom, peace and a higher consciousness.

I walked inside and there he was, quietly reviewing the installation of what so many of see as his brilliance. I told him that his work stopped me in my tracks. I’m so grateful and inspired.

As entrepreneurs and especially those of us from any disadvantaged subset, we must see ourselves in a vision of our own brilliance and potential. We must have love, compassion for and belief in that version of us.

Because we are what we see.

Rello is a contemporary artist and modern day illustrator based in Chicago. His concentrations are pop art and objects. As a self taught artist, Rello has been making art for over a decade. If you’re in Chicago this month, check out Rello’s installation at Soho House on Green Street.

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