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Welcome! This blog aims to inspire, educate and get real about life as an entrepreneur. I'm on my 3rd venture and although I have an MBA and trained on software development,  most of my learning came from in-the-trenches doing. Funny how much of my business coaching is echoed in my mama-talk: it's about grit, focus, vision and relationships are everything.   

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Hi, I'm maryliz

I’ve been designing and powering software for thousands of users, over the past few years. Understanding the user’s workflow is the biggest challenge with the greatest reward. We’ve learned a lot and continually improve as our members have used our platform (created 45,454 shoppable boards this far!)

Email is king. Add gallery here of shoppable boards and CTA

I was teaching our members how they could embed their email capture form into their GoodPix shoppable sites because unlike social media algorithms, you own your email list and if you’re going to market on social media, your CTA (Call TO Action) should bring you closer to 1. Capturing a Lead 2. Making a Sale. In the lesson, I usually show rather than tell.

I quickly walked throigh how to do this with a FloDesk embed form. Their UX (User experience) is so well designed and compared to other platforms like Mailchimp, it’s so obvious what to do.

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