How six and multi-six figure personal styling businesses have doubled their businesses

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It used to be that the only way to deliver an excellent personal styling service was to be in person for everything. First, you’d be limited to offering your services to clients who live within a 50 mile radius from you. You’d schedule your initial consult in person. Then, you’d conduct your closet EDIT at their home. Then, you’d schedule SHOP day(s), shlepping to multiple stores. Next, you’d do the STYLE phase in person and make outfits with laydowns. Finally, you’d organize all of those photos into a PDF lookbook and then share with your client via email or print for them.

Not only did 2020 force a major and lasting change in how you can and should do business, but the reality is, you’re leaving money on the table by limiting your potential:

  • Wasted driving time to and from stores and your client’s home. Clients don’t want to pay for this time so YOU end up paying for it because Time Is Money.
  • Scheduling up to 4 long in-person experiences is really tough. There is a lot of back and forth and this extends your engagement out for months. What about working clients? Can they dedicate 4 weekdays to meet you?
  • Stores often don’t have the inventory you need or you have to go to many stores to get the right things

Not only is this inefficient for you, it’s not a great experience for your busy clients. They want the luxury of personal expertise but they want these experiences to be modern and convenient and they’re willing to pay for it. In fact, where else can your ideal client get independent, authentic and personalized service? The only way is by hiring a professional stylist.

You need to elevate and modernize how you deliver your service not only because your client expects it, but because you can then take on double the clients.

You can double your business I recently coached a successful personal stylist who had worked with over 1,000 clients for 16 years

Here are just 3 ways you can save time, earn more and delight your clients for life:

  1. Move all sales/consults, in-take sessions and strategy appointments to Zoom.
    • Invest in a paid Zoom account (so you can have meetings for longer than 30 mins)
    • Sync your calendar and use a platform like Calendly for easy scheduling. Although it is a shift to be beholden to your digital calendar, it is totally worth it!
    • Consider how to even do your closet edits and fittings on Zoom! This requires planning and communication but it CAN be done.
  2. Digitize to scale
    • Use a platform (like GoodPix) to style digitally, digitize their wardrobe and to create private client sites to deliver recommendations and their closet.
    • Create systems and processes that are shared with each client. For example, create a welcome letter that walks every client through the process and what is required of them for a successful engagement.
    • Automate as much as possible. Example: If you use something like Calendly, not only can you automate reminders and calendar invites, you can sync Zoom so that when they book, they will have the Zoom link in their calendar so all they have to do is click the link at meeting time.
  3. Buy online
    • Recommend (or purchase on behalf of your client) from e-commerce sites
    • For white glove service, you could receive all of their shipments and deliver them in a scheduled “fitting”.
    • You could offer an in-person fitting

While some of this may be overwhelming and scary at first, the key is to get help so you can move forward and grow your business. The time and money freedom you will experience is worth the pain of figuring out tech and investing the time into systems now so you can scale.

We can’t become what we need to be by remaining what we are.

Oprah Winfrey
With tech and systems, you can run your business from anywhere AND give your clients what they want!

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