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Top Stylists Solve for a Feeling

What if sizes and measurements were replaced with empowering adjectives like Radiant, Fierce or Fabulous? It completely shifts the energy and mindset for people into a focus. To feel amazing, I think that’s what makes women beautiful. Personal Stylists transform the lives of every day people by shifting their client’s energy and mindset into confidence […]

It’s a story from lawyer to 6 figure style coach, making extraordinary impact for her clients.  Prepare to be inspired. Did you ever meet someone and immediately felt like you are kindred spirits? Through the meet-ups at GoodPix, I’ve had the fortune of meeting not one but TWO of them. And then one of them […]

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Our members are total pros and authentically recommend brands and products they believe in. We share the love here are we showcase these partners.

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Every business depends on marketing yet not every business owner loves or knows how to market. Supercharge your marketing with easy how-to's.

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business of styling

We've powered and coached more top personal stylists than any other platform. We see what's working. We're so inspired to see their growth because we see them as the future of how consumers want to shop.    

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hello there.

I’m maryliz,

People buy from people...those who inspire and those they trust.

I founded GoodPix because I saw a huge future for relationship-based entrepreneurs who work in fashion, style, beauty, home, wellness and lifestyle. They are the authentic curators and experts, trusted by their clients and network. I was once this entrepreneur . There is a better way and this is only the beginning... 

tech founder, business COACH, former boutique owner, gemini, mba, mama of 3, writer, amateur interiors & floral designer


How to Write a Viral Blog Post


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