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Clarity is about decisions and execution. It's clarity of vision and business model. It's clarity of target market, offer and messaging. It's clarity of systems, processes and how-to's.  Clarity begets action. Action build momentum. Momentum builds confidence. Confidence leads to growth. Growth reinforces and validates your clarity, enabling you to build a business and life you love. 

P.S. I know this sounds a lot like "If you give a mouse a cookie." 

A business without clarity feels overwhelming, stressful and stagnant. Your head is bursting with ideas but you feel paralyzed. I know, because I've been there.  

This is my third business. After a corporate career in technology consulting, then small business payments @ Visa, I finished my MBA and opened a multi-million dollar, multi-location women's and children's boutique + e-commerce. Then I learned how to code and soon after, built and launched two technology start-ups. GoodPix is my third venture. Aside from being a Mom, entrepreneurship is the hardest and most fulfilling journey of my life.  It is often times lonely and confusing. And just like girlfriends are your "lifelines", we are here to help you develop clarity in each area, so that your business is joyful and goal-reaching.

You're in the right place.

MaryLiz, fellow founder

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Coming Soon! We've been powering top stylist entrepreneurs since 2020 and this course is the real deal.


You're a pro (or aspiring) personal stylist who wants the playbook on running a modern, scalable and profitable business.

The SBA is the first and only course dedicated to personal stylists, taught by an MBA from a top 3 program and multi-6 figure tech business owner, a trained life coach and a successful modern stylist who launched her career in online styling from Stitch fix where she styled 15K boxes. It's the perfect blend of a step-by-step roadmap, tech know-how, done for you templates AND behind the scenes with real life, modern and successful stylists who share ALL.

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