Benefits & Features 

GoodPix is the go-to recommendations and styling hub for service-based and client-focused entrepreneurs.
Modern personal stylists, beauty pros, brand consultants, retailers, brands and creatives are serving more clients, earning more and saving hundreds of hours because time is money.

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GoodPix negotiates and tracks your sales automagically. 
Create shopoable style boards and lookbooks in minutes. Stop uploading images into Canva, powerpoint, pages
Give each one of your clients their own private site full of your recs and outfits plus digitize their wardrobe.
Build branded invoices  

Earn more through commissions

Modern Style Boards & Lookbooks

Private, Mobile Client Sites

Get paid with lightening fast invoicing

GoodPx partners with top e-commerce sites to get you high commission rates and track your sales. 

Curate your visual, commissionable product catalog and in seconds you can simply share that recommendation via text, email, social or post to your GoodPix Shoppable site!

Create and share shoppable content such as product edits, style boards, videos, images and collections.

Monetize your recommendations instantly

  • products are automatically added to your boards
  • post recs to your client's private site
  • tag videos and images with shoppable products 
  • embed your content anywhere
  • Populate your new shoppable site

How GoodPix helps you
as a service provider and pro-recommender

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Create editorial-worthy style boards in minutes

Stop uploading images into Canva, pages, powerpoint and photoshop and then finding links to make them shoppable. GoodPix is your all-in-one platform to create shoppable, commissionable boards in minutes instead of hours.  

This feature was built by top multi-six-figure personal stylists (remember Polyvore?). You'll say "they thought of everything!" We remove backgrounds for you automatically (though you can adjust as you wish). Crop layers to show the versatility of an item, add text for styling direction or emojis for personality, flip, duplicate and position like a pro.

  • products are automatically added to your boards
  • create outfits out of client's wardrobe
  • Make any size and share on social media 
  • embed your content on your website or blog
  • Populate your new branded shoppable site

This is your new competitive differentiator, not only cementing client relationships for life but enables you to charge more because the benefit to the client is game-changing. If you're making 1:1 recommendations and helping your clients to track of what they own and how to style it, you need a modern and digitized way to share and maintain that data. Clients will no longer settle for a million links and clunky PDFs that get lost in their email inboxes.  

For you, this is how you'll save hundreds of hours by keeping track of what you recommended and be able to make new outfits out of their digital wardrobe.

Give each of your clients a private, branded site

  • Recommendations feed
  • client commenting 
  • digitized wardrobe
  • branded to you - your logo, image and chosen site 

Clients will stay with you for liife!

"With GoodPix, I've been able to double my business and go from schlepping to serving way more clients...

If someone had told me a few years ago that 99% of my 16- year old styling business would be online - I would never have believed it! But thanks to Mary Liz and Goodpix that is exactly what happened.."

-Anne, morrissey Style

Leverage cutting-edge invoicing

If Quickbooks, Honeybook or any other invoicing software has left you wanting for more, your dreams have come true with the new invoicing feature by GoodPix.

Add your shoppable boards, products and product edits to a branded invoice, along with your service fees and get paid. The best part is, you can add these products to your client's digital wardrobe with one click.  

If you shop from stores or re-bill your clients for purchasing on their behalf, this invoicing feature is a game changer.

  • internal team notes to keep track of returns and consignment
  • client facing notes
  • Add templated fees or ad hoc fees like shipping and taxes
  • mark some items not billable while you keep track

Monetize your expertise by sharing your curation and styling chops with a fully branded SHOP page (branded url, logo, photo, banner)

Easily add products, product edits, style boards, collections, videos and tagged images. Merchandise your SHOP page and publish updates when ready. Sales from your SHOP track back to you.

Add your SHOP page to your website or blog and earn money without owning inventory. 

Launch your own SHOP in minutes

  • Embed your entire shop page into your website
  • use your shop page as your link in bio
  • Easily Add CTAs like your calendar or lead magnet   

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Sell on auto-pilot with Sales Pages & Checkout

Within our Commerce module, you can create sales pages for your services and digital products in minutes and get paid! No coding, hiring a web designer or pulling your hair out! It's so simple. 

Easily add videos and images, headlines, sales copy, FAQs and testimonials. The page is designed to sell. You can even customize your "Buy" button.

Our commerce tool is powered by Stripe, a world-leader in secure payment processing and fraud detection. That means your income is in safe hands and once verified, you'll get payouts directly to your bank account.

  • integrated payment processing fees with low transaction fees (3.5% + 30 cents)
  • get notifications when you've had a sale!

"I would not have been able to start my business without it...that was absolutely the key.

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Don't take our word for it!

"Before GoodPix, I was spending endless hours creating digital look books for my clients. It has been instrumental in helping me streamline that process. I've also launched virtual styling services which has increased my revenue. "

"GoodPix has given me the ability to completely change my business model to all virtual services...

This was a must during the pandemic to stay in business, but also long term. The platform and support on every level from technology to personal and professional growth has been priceless to me."

-kim, KR Personal Style

life before GOODPIX...

let go of the old ways that hold you back.

Sound familiar?

Many social media followers, past clients, family and friends would ask where they can SHOP my recs but building a virtual SHOP or newsletter was too difficult to execute & could not easily be monetized.

Frequent travel/time-consuming in-person visits were required to continually style new looks with owned items.

Our locations limited the quantity & types of clients we could take on simultaneously.

Here's What You Need:

Ways to make more money

Access commissionable products from thousands of beloved brands. Charge more for your services with private client sites. Easily launch one-to-many revenue streams. Serve clients anywhere, anytime without the travel/schedule headaches.

Modern tools to scalably serve your clients

Create shoppable and editorial-esque style or mood boards, online. Curate a product edit in seconds. Digitize your client's closet (or past purchases). Deliver a mobile-friendly personalized client site to each client. 

Easy tech to attract and capture more clients

Launch a gorgeous Insta-Link-in-Bio or SHOP in minutes, not hours. Publish shoppable content that draws your ideal client to you and professionally presents your services (i.e. styling, curating, beauty picks, product choices, etc.).