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You're a pro. You've created incredible transformations for your clients. Your clients love what you've done for them and can't imagine going back to a life before you. The problem is, you need more clients.

what if you were no longer a best kept secret?

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A few big things happened in the very industry you serve. A shift toward the convenience, expansion and safety of e-commerce. A consumer mindset change toward value and usage. A comfort level toward and even demand for virtual services. A massive shuffle in the job market and how we all show up in our new choice of work. 
All of these shifts add up to incredible opportunity for what you do. To capture the demand that is there, you need a different approach, one that efficiently attracts and books lots of ideal clients so that you spend most of your time doing what you love and getting paid, without the endless hustle. 

your moment is here.

It's time you finally made the impact you're meant to make.

instead, you could be:

Attracting perfect clients consistently

You could be reaching PAYING clients (not just window shoppers) and building your reputation with partners who can send clients your way

Converting your quality leads 

Your messaging, nurture sequence and client sign-up flow can starting working FOR you and finally be so seamless and productive, that you begin to love it! 

Getting paid for your talent and expertise

Rather than sharing countless how-to's, you could develop modern revenue streams and systems that ensure you spend more time on money-making activities.

hello there.

I’m maryliz,

I know business strategy and tech.
I really know (and believe in) what you do.

I've been powering thousands of relationship-based service providers, like you, for years. I have a unique vantage point on how the most successful ones have leveraged digital solutions, modern sales, effective marketing strategies and of course, powerful messaging, to build a thriving business. To fast-track your growth and reach your next level of business success (i.e. a more scalable business you love), you need a coach who understands how to take you from where you are today to where you want to be. 

tech start-up founder x 2, online business COACH & investor, former boutique owner, mba, mama of 3, coding bootcamp grad

six (6) private meetings

business, Marketing & Productivity plans



LEAN Coaching is an exclusive, 12 week program, working one-to-one with me, personally. It is an investment of time and resources and I only have a few slots for those who are ready to lean into a business you love and get results. We cover business strategy, marketing, tech and systems.

Here's what your 1:1 coaching program includes:   

We'll meet live on Zoom (or phone) to help you achieve clarity -- on your business goals, offers (pricing, delivery), your ideal client's journey from discovery to booked and how you'll position your offers. We'll also map out your marketing strategies to attract those clients.  

You'll get a done-for-you business plan in which you can continue to iterate and customize. You'll also get a template to nail your messaging for any offer. Finally, you'll have a checklist to track your needle-moving activities to get results. 

As you work through everything, you may get stuck on things like tech questions or need support on something, quickly. You may even be stopped by some mindset/fear hurdles. I'm here on Slack to help you get unstuck and move forward.  

lean coaching

When you work with me,

YOU WILL gain:

+ clarity & focus

+ confidence 

+ freedom of time and money

+ joy from sales & marketing efforts 

want something like that?

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Phase 1

We'll start with where you are and where you want to go. That could entail strategizing on how you make money in a way that aligns with running a business that you love. It could also be deciding on ideas you've been considering but have not yet launched due to fear or "paralysis by analysis". I can help you figure out how to reach your goals and give you the confidence in knowing what's possible. 

that said, here's how our time together could be spent:

100% customized

I'll be your personal coach, which means our engagement is

You will have clarified your goals, business model and plan.  

coach me plz

Phase 2

Now that you know where you want to go and how you want to serve, we'll narrow in on your ideal client, decide on how to price your services and determine what your offers are. If you have already done a lot of this work, we might move more quickly through this phase and spend more time on how to message and sell.

You will have nailed your target market, pricing and offers.

coach me plz

Phase 3

To experts, sales and marketing can feel like a dirty words yet this is the lifeblood of any business. We'll get really deep about your customer's journey and how/why they'll buy from you. We'll focus on your messaging, your channels and how to close. The key here is a mindset shift - one that feels more like solving and less like selling.

You will have built your sales and marketing machine.

coach me plz

Phase 4

We'll talk about how to set up your tech, systems and processes so you can scale and deliver testimonial-worthy client experiences. Part of growing your business is in the delivery and fulfillment of what you sell - we can make that experience worthy of referral. You'll learn modern time management skills and productivity hacks so that you can save hours per week.

You'll have developed systems and processes to scale your business.

You'll be setting up any tech needed but I'll be here to help if you're confused on which affordable platforms to use and how to tie it all together.

Are you setting up the tech for me?

No, you do not need to be a GoodPix member (though there are many modern revenue opportunities to implement for those who do). I'll help you leverage all of the tools you're currently using and would be happy to advise on all of your tech and processes for maximum efficiency.  

Do I need to be a GoodPix member to work with you?

There is a huge advantage in continuing to work with someone who really knows you and your business. You'll have an option to transition into a different level of coaching and ongoing support with me. 

What if I want to continue working with you after the 12 weeks are up?

There is a huge advantage in continuing to work with someone who really knows you and your business. You'll have an option to transition into a different level of coaching and ongoing support with me. 


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