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Retail's inevitable shift to digital experiences, inspiring content and personalized service, has arrived. GoodPix powers entrepreneurs around the world, to digitally and virtually serve their clients and followers and to monetize their authentic recommendations.  With GoodPix, they have easy access to the marketing, sales and service tools they need to recommend anything.

Our members are not "big" influencers...yet, they wield enormous influence over their discerning clients, who trust them. As physical retail continues to have its challenges and advertising costs increase, our network of expert service providers 
can be your highest ROI marketing channel.

GoodPix is your new high ROI performance marketing growth channel.
Our members share recommendations via:  

text, email, social media
private client sites
virtual storefront, blog, their website

Members recommend individual products or inspire sales through 5 types of Shoppable Content (Boards, Videos, Images, Groups, Collections)

shoppable content

Ways to partner


Offer Commission

Through most affiliate platforms, you may simply extend GoodPix a private offer. Be sure to email us at if your offer really stands out!    


Inspire our Members

As a paid opportunity, we'll feature your brand in our Get Inspired feed (shoppable content that can be edited and/or used by our members) and appear in our email newsletter, blog and exclusive webinars. Click here to schedule a time with us.


Be a Direct Partner

Contact us for early access to our direct partner opportunities. 

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Don't miss out on being a known and often recommended brand among expert curators around the world, ones who are not only consultative sellers for YOUR ideal customer, but also provide a service, on your behalf.  Grow with us by becoming a partner.