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We empower relationship and service-based entrepreneurs in fashion, style, beauty and home to build a modern, online business by giving them game-changing technology, commissions and world-class education and coaching. 

We're also a performance-based content marketing channel for brands and retailers.

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Business Growth for Entrepreneurs


In 2020, every entrepreneur faced a forever changed business landscape, practically overnight. The GoodPix tech platform was already in the making and 

what we do

recommended,purchased & kept

$ Millions

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Number of shoppable boards made by members


wardrobe items digitized


clients managed in goodpix


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tech & commissions

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That makes GoodPix the perfect solution and partner for brands, entrepreneurs and their clients.


Meanwhile, retail's inevitable shift to digital, content and personalized service has arrived.


But they also need business education, coaching and know-how to grow and scale their businesses.


And they need modern tools & commissions to authentically recommend products & digitize their service. 


Relationship/Service-based entrepreneurs are considered (expert) friends by their clients & network.


83% of consumers say they trust recommendations from friends, colleagues and family. (Nielsen)

what we know to be true

Why goodpix?

I'm a Brand or Retailer

We're powering a professional and trained group of trusted curators and recommenders who have unparalleled influence over your dream, high LTV customer. Partner with us and grow your sales.


You want to focus on your craft but need the latest know-how to effectively market, grow and scale. We're here with business, tech and mindset coaching and modern business education.


Modern tools for creating shoppable content (boards, videos, groups), curating branded client sites, launching a SHOP site and earning commissions from top e-commerce sites.



hello there.

I’m maryliz,

Before GoodPix, I founded a technology platform where brands paid us to license mobile clienteling, styling and checkout apps for their independent sellers. I quickly realized that the big opportunity was in powering the sellers -- they were the entrepreneurial and relationship-based service providers who truly owned the client. And they needed a way to recommend across brands, serve their clients and market their own business

We launched GoodPix in March 2020 just as these very entrepreneurs were looking to digitize and go virtual. They are the authentic curators and experts of our time, trusted by their clients and network.

Once we started powering hundreds of top entrepreneurs, we noticed that aside from tech and commissions, they needed business coaching and marketing education to really capture the demand for their services. 

Our timing is right on - not only are thousands of people moving from retail W-2s to filing their own 1099s, the world's brands have shifted to digital, seeking efficient growth channels.

The future is here and this is only the beginning... 

tech start-up founder x 2, online business COACH & INVESTOR, OBSESSED WITH WOW-WORTHY CUSTOMER/USER EXPERIENCES, former boutique owner, mba, learned how to code, mama of 3