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Attract, delight and keep your clients for life, without clunky pdfs and links lost in email.

GoodPix is the go-to recommendations and styling hub for client-focused entrepreneurs. Elevate your business with lookbooks, private client sites and by recommending the best products from thousands of commission-generating brands.  

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digital styling, clienteling, recommendations & Invoicing software for entrepreneurs

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$5 Million

products recommended

1 Million

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wardrobe items digitized


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GoodPix has been a game-changer for my styling business. 

clients love their sites.

- micala, personal stylist in California

Book more revenue

The demand for what you do has never been higher. Your clients want (and will pay for) personalized services and expertise but you must give them modern, convenient and digital experiences. Use GoodPix to elevate every touchpoint from your consult to your edit, shop and style services.   


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take on more clients in half the time

GoodPix members have more than doubled their businesses to capture the demand for virtual styling. You are no longer bound to schlepping to stores, spending hours in closets or limited to the hundreds of prospective clients within 20 miles of your home. You can successfully style anyone, anytime and anywhere. With technology built for exactly what you do, you can serve way more people while saving hundreds of hours.   

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monetize your recs

Access thousands of top brands in the GoodPix Partner Retailer network. We negotiate compelling commissions for you and automagically track your links back to you.  Whether you're purchasing on behalf of your 1:1 clients, you're sharing your expert recommendations with your clients via shoppable content or you're sharing your PIX with followers on social, recommending products is easy and smart!   

pro-tip: if you already have commissionable links, you can use those too! 

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virtual & in-person (based in NY)

- Elsa

As a personal stylist, I use the style boards to create custom looks for clients using the items they purchased during our shopping sessions– this shows them what's possible + inspires them to wear their looks with confidence! The GoodPix Product Clipper makes this process super easy and is one of our favorite features.

“GoodPix has been a welcome addition to my styling process with clients”

elsa is the go-to stylist for celebs like marie forleo and katie couric to everyday women and men who want her expertise

virtual & In-person (based in Texas)

- Jodi

At the start of the pandemic, my business came to a screeching halt and I felt completely frustrated and lost. Within GoodPix, I found myself part of a community of personal stylists from around the world and learning a way to grow my business in a new direction from how I had been functioning for the previous 14 years. Now, over a year later, I use the GoodPix platform every day and it's allowed me to work with more clients simultaneously than I ever did before. The GoodPix team is generous with their knowledge and invested in our success. I'm grateful to them for creating a fantastic platform for personal stylists like myself to grow our businesses & service our clients in a professional and inspired way.

“GoodPix has been transformational for my business.”

jodi uses goodpix everyday to serve more clients simultaneously

Greenwhich, CT & TRi-state area

- Janel

GoodPix is instrumental in helping me organize all my client information in one location. I use it as a way to arrange and edit items I am shopping for to only pull the best options for that client. I also use it to inventory product that we are requesting on behalf of the clients (as we offer a full high touch styling service where we shop for the clients and bring it to them). This system allows me to offer the client a better way to manage their wardrobe and purchase more smartly and effectively.

“The new GoodPix invoicing tool is enabling me to take on twice the clients during this busy season.”

janel uses goodpix to style busy professionals & on-air talent

virtually & in-person across 10 major cities 

- Maegan

A platform to not only style our client's outfits but earn commission on our client's purchases. If we would have used GoodPix last year we would have increased revenue by tens of thousands of dollars. As a founder and stylist, I'm constantly looking for ways to add value to our clients. GoodPix allows us to utilize our client's closets by incorporating what they already own with what we buy them- this is such a benefit to the client and makes our service even more accessible and addictive."

“GoodPix is the solution we had needed for years.”

watson style group delights their professional clients across the U.S. 

pros use goodpix

real results

Increase your service prices by giving clients what they want - custom lookbooks on their phone

Earn more money by monetizing your recommendations

Be able to serve way more clients, outside of those in driving distance

Save hundreds of hours by having everything digitized. 

Enjoy time and money freedom because you can now work when and where you want to work!

Be able to attract your ideal client with thumb-stopping content that you created in minutes.

WITH GOODPIX, you will...

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When I moved my business 1,000 miles from home, I needed a clean, modern way to continue styling my top clients virtually. GoodPix technology absolutely saved the day. Fast forward to today; the entire fashion world has realized styling can be done remotely - GoodPix has enabled me to continually grow & evolve my business.

I can now answer client demand for style memberships and digital wardrobe maintenance in-between visits, reach clients around the country, and quickly create shoppable style boards on-demand - all the while earning commission on my styling recommendations. I create eye-catching visuals for social media which attract new leads to my business every week. In today’s modern world, it is imperative to showcase top-notch visuals for online marketing which makes GoodPix THE must-have tool for professional stylists.

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