Top Stylists Solve for a Feeling

What if sizes and measurements were replaced with empowering adjectives like Radiant, Fierce or Fabulous? It completely shifts the energy and mindset for people into a focus. To feel amazing, I think that’s what makes women beautiful. Personal Stylists transform the lives of every day people by shifting their client’s energy and mindset into confidence […]

It’s a story from lawyer to 6 figure style coach, making extraordinary impact for her clients.  Prepare to be inspired. Did you ever meet someone and immediately felt like you are kindred spirits? Through the meet-ups at GoodPix, I’ve had the fortune of meeting not one but TWO of them. And then one of them […]


Why you should never send your Social followers to boxes and links and what to do instead.

Social Media (especially Instagram) is all about visual content marketing. So I can’t figure out why so many entrepreneurs share a post on Instagram and then use something like a page with a bunch of text in boxes as their link-in-bio.

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Business of Retail

Successful Retail is about the People, not just the product

Why I chose retail. Business of We’re in the people business serving coffee, not the coffee business serving people. -Howard Schulz, Founder of Starbucks Howard Shulz

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hello there.

I’m maryliz,

People buy from people...those who inspire and those they trust.

I founded GoodPix because I saw a huge future for relationship-based entrepreneurs who work in fashion, style, beauty, home, wellness and lifestyle. They are the authentic curators and experts, trusted by their clients and network. I was once this entrepreneur . There is a better way and this is only the beginning... 

tech founder, business COACH, former boutique owner, gemini, mba, mama of 3, writer, amateur interiors & floral designer


6 Ways to Build a 6 Figure Styling Biz

Whether you're just launching a styling business or you're a longtime pro, this guide not only details the 6 different ways to build a 6 figure business, you'll get a live model to see the math!  

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